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Share some of our joys and toys with this typical Canadian family of four. Yes, toys are big around here, especially for Vic. Boating, hockey, skiing, flying, photography, computers, cars, and fixing, fixing, fixing. They all keep us busy.

I left the voice/data communications industry in 2003 and subsequently started my own limousine service. My wife, Bev, works in the closely related field of data processing as an MIS Manager. Our oldest child, Warren, is a Mechanical Engineer. See the sidebar for pics of his wedding with Shannon. Our daughter Laura, the Chartered Accountant, married on July 7th 2007 to Bill and now live in Thornhill, about 3 miles from Mom & Dad.

I have always liked water, so my youth involved life guarding, teaching swimming and generally just enjoying water-related activities. Maybe that is how Warren was driven to jump in mud puddles as a boy. The love of water led to a lifetime of boating. Check out the boating section on the left.

I don't know how the love of water relates to the love of flying but I have experienced that too. In the early 80's, I built an ultralight and enjoyed the flying very much. Unfortunately, it was not a family activity and flying gave way to boating. But, I shall return. Click on the airplane to see my plane.

In February 2001, we made our third trip to Mexico. We really enjoy the country, the people, the great beaches and the wonderful coastal mountains around Puerto Vallarta. This year's trip was expecially great as we were able to go whale watching. There is a brief story and some pics here: Whales in Puerto Vallarta Mexico

These photos are saved in a format suitable of viewing on a screen. If you want to print them, the results will not be photographic quality. I have also saved the photos in a higher resolution and these retain the detail suitable for printing up to 8" X 10". With the higher resolution, the files are significantly larger and there is not enough room on these web pages for all of them. The pics range from 200K to 350K. If you want any of the printable files, send me an e-mail request, and I'll mail them back to you.