1976 Spitfire (Carmine)

Here is my newest project, a 1976 Spitfire in Carmine red. The car is in fair condition, solid body, needs driver's and passenger floor pans. Then the other things start to add up...like replacement centre dash piece, light switch, new interior, top, radiator, and all the rest that will show up during the restoration.

These pictures were taken on November 9th, 2002, when I first saw the car and agreed to purchase it. The sale was completed on November 16th and the car was transported to my driveway, until I can free up room inside the garage.

The next day, I woke up to a whole mess of snow. The last pic shows what it can be like at 43 degrees North Latitude (Toronto area) in November. The good news is this will all melt away in few days.


Rear View

Rear Bummer

Dent in Rocker

Fluid Damage


Weber DCOE

Crane Ignition

Dolly Engine

Passenger's Floor

Driver's Inner Sill

Luggage Rack

Commission Plate

Front View

Snowy Mess
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