February 13, 2001

The highlight of our winter vacation to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico was a day trip outing with Ecotours de Mexico to watch the whales in the Banderas Bay area. Humpback whales normally winter in this area for the birthing of their calves and to mate. Sitings are numerous and we were not disappointed as we were able to view these wonderful giants up close. The whales seemed to be friendly this day as they seemed to choose to come close to our boat. I don't think these pictures do justice to the experience we will remember for the rest of our lives.

But wait...there is more. As a rare bonus, we were able to observe a family of three Orca whales, BIG Daddy, Momma, and Baby Orca. They were truly magnificent. Our knowing and friendly guide, Juan Carlos Robertson, was so excited. He has been guiding for four years and this was only the second time he has seen Orcas. And this time, the viewing was close up and truly awesome.

If you visit Puerto Vallarta and decide to go whale watching, forget the "big boat" tours. Head directly to Ecotours de Mexico in downtown Puerto Vallarta. They are dedicated to the natural experience and use knowledgeable guides that care about their environment and are eager to share it with you. They use open runabouts about 20 feet long, with a canopy, captained by a local experienced fisherman that knows the waters very well. You will have the best chance to see humpback whales, up to 3 species of dolphins, and maybe Orca whales. You get some time to swim off the Marietas Islands. The fish are beautiful. The trip includes a wonderful lunch at a local seashore restaurant in the nearby village of Punta de Mita.

Whale Pics

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